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Sacred Ceremonies  

for cultivating Meaning, Intimacy, & Connection 



Celebration of Love 



~commitment ceremony

-and more  








Hi, my name is Marisa and I create ceremonies, officiate weddings, and guide grief circles. My mission is to infuse intimacy & intentionality into rituals of all kinds.


My main work has been officiating weddings.

This is a place I love to play! It is beautiful to highlight partners connection and create closeness and alignment in people’s wedding ceremonies.


As the times have changed many of us have lost connection with someone who can help hold space for ritual. Many couples these days don’t have someone who takes the time to know them well and collaboratively build a ceremony with them.


That is where I come in.


I LOVE co-creating meaningful spaces for reflection, presence and connection to be experienced. I believe that your ceremony is not just about going through the motions, it has the potential to be a profound emotional experience that can bring everyone there together.


This type of magic brings me to life me to see people dropping into their hearts and sharing vulnerability and into the heart of what matters, connection.

Honoring Death 

~celebration of life 

~memorial services 

~grief rituals 

and other life transitions 


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Weddings Packages:

Intimacy -$500 

Pre-ceremony Partner Exploration: call to connect with couple, hear love story and vision for ceremony  


Wedding Packet and Itinerary: assortment of poems, readings, vows, blessings, etc that could be used 

Co-creation and curation of Ceremony: collaborative 

Rehearsal and Day of Ceremony: running through ceremony to feel confident and conformable with flow, day of support for couple, friends, family, etc. 



Devotion $800

Pre-ceremony Partner Exploration 

-connection phone call 

Co-creation and curation of Ceremony 

-explain what each means***

-Wedding Packet and Itinerary 

-Rehearsal and Day of Ceremony 

-Conscious Couples Guidance

-Integration and Post-Ceremony Processing 


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"Marisa was an amazing officiant. She counseled us thoughtfully before the wedding, and took the time to get to know us. She helped us to customize the ceremony in a way that suited us perfectly. It was so wonderful having Marisa as our guide through the crafting of the ceremony as she is very knowledgeable about the church, the meaning of the narratives and intuitive to people's feelings around the ceremony. On the day of the wedding she was a calming presence which made the ceremony flow beautifully. She encouraged us to be ourselves throughout the ceremony and was a centered leader of the proceedings. We would wholeheartedly recommend Marisa for all and any future wedding ceremonies."



"Within the first few minutes of speaking with Marisa she made us feel both seen and heard. You want the person who marries you to connect with you as a human and see the love that you share. On our first call with Marisa, I will never forget that she asked us to tell her about us. Relief came over me, as I realized that she did not see us as just “another” wedding to officiate, she saw us as people who had a unique story to tell. We were both so comfortable sharing our story, pieces of ourselves, and fears that we had about our wedding day. Marisa was so incredibly calming, intelligent, and genuine in her conversations with us. You can tell she is one of those people who we could use more people of. After our first quick conversation with her, Walker and I sighed a breath of relief: we had found someone to marry us who matched us completely.

We would recommend Marisa’s presence to anyone who asked, whether it be for her services as a leader and an officiant, or as a person to have around. We owe Marisa so much and more, but one of the things we owe her for is for calming us down and keeping us present in the ceremony. She made us feel less insecure, more excited for the big day since we had coached us on things we were concerned about, and confident that our guests would love her. Anyone else would have been a different experience, and we hope Marisa knows how much of a difference she made on our special day and our lives.



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Let's create your ceremony!

Reach out to start creating the beautiful & meaningful ritual you've been dreaming of.

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