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Come step into sacred space and tend to your heart. These workshops are designed to bring you back to your center through movement, meditation and music. Take this time as a needed pause to refill your cup and connect with others. If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck in your head, this workshop is for you. It is a call back to your body. Come rest awhile and leave refreshed and fed.

Mondays 7-8PM EST


Investment: $25 per workshop

Here is some of the magical musicians we listen to:


Oak Tree by Lua Maria

A Reminder by Trevor Hall

Wider Circles by Rising Appalachia




This is a potent space for unlearning people pleasing. If you have a tendency to overextend, accommodate, and/or prioritize other peoples needs before your own, this is for you. 

The pattern of people pleasing is so old that it lives in the cells of our bodies. Yet it is no longer serving us. 

In order to transform it we will; unpack our programming, build self awareness, get into our bodies, create boundaries, cultivate our intuition and practice unwavering self commitment. 

This course is about reorienting your life to YOU. 

If you want to develop a fierce knowing and internal clarity to guide you, join me on this journey. 



Weekly live group calls

Facebook group 


Investment: $300



This 1:1 container is created to guide you back to yourself. It will invite you into your body, sensation, and presence. 

If you are feeling disconnected, lost, removed from your body, and/or stuck in your head this space is for you. 

We will use the power of movement, music and mindfulness to unlock the magic in our lives. We will uncover the blocks that keep us stuck in our minds. We will step into our bodies to unlock the ancient stories that want to heal and emotions that want to move. 

This is an embodied path to tangible emotional processing, potent healing, and access to our divine aliveness. 

If you are ready to feel more connected, joyful, present and ALIVE reach out today. I would be honored to support you on your path. 


Weekly sessions (1 hr)   

Text support in between calls 

Specialized guided meditations 

Custom rituals + ceremonies 


Length: 12 weeks 

Investment: $1,200


"The sacred space. Everything. It's the perfect combination of inspiration, creativity, reflection, sharing. It warms my heart and lightens my day. It's a high light of my week, and I wouldn't miss it for anything. Marisa is especially gifted with this kind of work. The workshop works very well on zoom."


“I love that each session is catered to my specific needs and preferences. I like being fulling immersed in the space. It’s been eye opening to get to know myself through different forms of exercises and mediums. I find most helpful. brain mapping, breathing, and chanting are a few forms that are most helpful to me.


"My favorite part if the way Marisa share's her precious inner warmth & energy with the group so that we can all receive it. She has great questions and prompts she asks for us to ponder, journal, share about. The music she selects is so spiritually nourishing and the chance for movement, dancing and guided meditations. So grateful!"


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